371 Days Later…

Well, I guess its been over a year since the last post on Amiga emulation It was easy to spend time writing back when I was locked down at home but since going back to work its been harder. When last we spoke, we had just got a basic Amiga1200 up and running with AmigaOS3.1. […]

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Let’s Get Emulating!

So to get started playing with an Amiga the easiest thing to do is install an Emulator. The UAE Emulator is available for all kinds of platforms. You can even run it on a Raspberry Pi, I use a Mac, so that’s what I’m going to talk about here. FS-UAE You’ll want to head to […]

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The Future Was Here

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a home computer called the Amiga and I owned a couple. The Amiga was machine from the future. In the early 90s when I and my friends owned them, when Windows 3.1 was barely stumbling along with overlapping windows, the Amiga had a […]

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Model vs View

I started my post-college career as a Microsoft Windows developer, building a visitor centre application for Scottish Nuclear’s “Come and See” program in 1995.  Microsoft’s Visual C++ and the MFC framework meant it was relatively easy to make an app “look and feel” like Windows.  You really had to go out of your way to […]

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I’m writing this all out here, mostly so I can point to it from a micro.blog post and ask for some suggestions. What I Want I like the idea that I post what I’m going to continue to call my ‘tweets’ to My Own Thing and that they are just mirrored into twitter (Someone Else’s […]

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Hunting High and Low

So while I figure out the longer term career stuff (conversations are ongoing) I thought I’d take the time to build a couple of apps I’ve had on my mind.  I’m procrastinating by writing, but also I’m trying to write more and this is whats on my mind. I know what I should do is […]

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Know Thyself

One thing I’ve always been guilty of is honesty. That might sound a bit weird, but essentially I am alway happy to be clear at what I’m not good at.  This is often interpreted as imposter syndrome, or typical scots self deprecation, but its not.  I’m also pretty clear on what I am good at. […]

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