Hunting High and Low

So while I figure out the longer term career stuff (conversations are ongoing) I thought I’d take the time to build a couple of apps I’ve had on my mind.  I’m procrastinating by writing, but also I’m trying to write more and this is whats on my mind.

I know what I should do is put Xcode away and try and think about what I want to build.  I should be making app definition statements (though I notice that idea is gone from the Apple developer site, but available in the wayback machine ) and thinking about designs and all that good stuff.  I should be way up high in the clouds, looking down at the landscape, trying to figure out if the app makes sense and how it might work.

What I’m doing instead is hacking on a model layer to support the first app I thought about building.  I’m down in the trenches building an engine in a framework that the app (and notification centre and the watch) can use.

This has the advantage that coding is something I’m good at, and product design isn’t.  It also has the advantage of the illusion of progress.  I feel like I’m busy making something.

Unfortunately without all that other stuff, I can’t really tell if I’m building the right model layer for the app.  I have a rough idea of the objects involved, and CRC lets me figure out pretty well the responsibilities of each in any given operation, but who knows if the operations make sense?  I can’t see enough to know if what I’m building makes sense in context.  I can’t see the wood for the trees.

I think I’m going to force myself to stop.  Just like the larger career questions, I don’t need to hurry.  I don’t need to demonstrate progress to anyone.  I can take my time and stay in the clouds where the view is better.

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