371 Days Later…

Well, I guess its been over a year since the last post on Amiga emulation :-/

It was easy to spend time writing back when I was locked down at home but since going back to work its been harder. When last we spoke, we had just got a basic Amiga1200 up and running with AmigaOS3.1. Since then, AmigaOS3.2 has been released which includes a lot of work by volunteers to try and improve the now 30-year-old classic Amiga operating system. I won’t talk too much about that here as it doesn’t invalidate the previous posts, except to say there’s a clean, easy and legal way to get access to the OS and ROMs you need from Hyperion.

I’ll be back later this week to pick up where we left off, adding a second “Work” hard disk and installing a C Compiler and the Amiga NDK.

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